TJ Cummings

TJ Cummings
TJ Cummings @
I’m kinda glad the economy is going down the drain, and no one saves any money, and people live day-to-day. That way, when something unexpected pops up — say, for example, a broken down car — people look for ways to make some fast cash. Enter TJ Cummings. Straight boy to the max. But very, very angry. He’s angry that his car’s been taken out of commission, but I get a feeling, after watching this video, he’s got some serious pent up frustrations. I’m not saying he’s a homophobe, but damn! I’ve always said the bigger the phobe, the deeper he is in the closet. Watch TJ jerk for cash and see if I’m on base here with what I say. He’s a handsome dude, with a hard body and a nice dick. His pop shot was awesome. TJ’s a keeper!
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The Machine
The Machine @
If you like your men like I take my coffee — straight black — then you’re gonna love this week’s update. This dude calls himself "The Machine" cause, apparently, he can walk into a club and pull ladies out like he’s a machine; hence, his buddies gave him that name. The Machine didn’t get his name for managing his money, cause this electricity is about to get cut, so — you guessed it — he answered our ad on a popular website that advertises for "figure models". The Machine is handsome, and he’s packing 10, and I’ve already jacked off twice just to pics of his beautiful abs. This man is a treat, and I know you’re going to love watching him JO.
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Criss Strokes
Criss Strokes @
Criss Strokes. What a man. Ripped to shreds and packing almost a foot of dick in his pants! Ge this — his girlfriend is a porn star, and she won’t give him any money…and he’s broke. He’s a hustler though, and he answered our ad. Next thing you know he’s showing off that washboard stomach and long, thick cock for us. True to his last name, Criss strokes and strokes until that massive cock blows a massive load all over those rock hard abs. What a scene! Just remember one thing — No Way Criss Strokes Is Gay!!
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Amateur Morgan
Amateur Morgan @
You’ve never heard of Morgan, nor have you seen her, cause she’s so brand new to this that the other three scenes she’s shot haven’t seen the light of day…yet. She’s as amateur as they come, and we love them like that. A bit shy, but certainly not about sucking cock, as she shows us all today. We’ve really been caught up in this whole swallow / facial debate, too, so today we had Morgan swallow her first one, and then we had a fellah who calls himself "Face Blaster" do exactly do — blast Morgan’s face into next week. It’s all about The Money Shot, right? So enjoy these two, my brothas!!!
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Christian @
Some call him "The Office Stud", and there’s good reason why. Christian’s a ladies’ man, and there’s nothing he loves more than the sweet taste of pussy. He loves to fuck the girls in his office, even though it’s never safe to get your honey where you get your money. That’s an old saying Christian doesn’t buy into! Oh, one more thing — don’t expect any gay shit from our man, either. Christian’s as straight as they come. Think it’s gay to jack it for the camera? Not if it’s "for the ladies", and that’s exactly what we told him: his shoot would end up on a popular site for women who love to watch men masturbate! What a job he does, too! Enjoy, Ladies! LOL
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Damon Phoenix
Damon Phoenix @
Matt Damon look-a-like Damon Phoenix is this week’s No Way Am I Gay update, and we had a whole lotta fun shooting him. What a bubble butt! Take a close look at it. When he spread those ample cheeks, it was obvious to us that his man hole is tight and clean…but don’t tell him that or he’ll get pissed! He got a little perturbed more than once, but we still got that spread shot. He’s a body builder, too, so we also got some nice flex positions out of him as well. His cock is one of those short, fat ones that shoots a tremendous amount of jizz. At the end of his stroke session, Damon launched 3 or 4 ropes of cum over his head before the next 3 or 4 landed on his face and chest. More ended up on his hard stomach and dripping from his shaft and balls. I wanted to clean it all up…but Damon wouldn’t let me. No Way He’s Gay!!!
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Kevin Kane
Kevin Kane @
This week’s JO boy is a dude calling himself Kevin Kane. We weren’t too sure if we wanted to hire him or not…until he showed us his penis pump! Turns out those crazy things work afterall! First off, Kevin’s straight. He lives out near the beach in Santa Monica, so he spends a lot of time in the sun. He also spends a lot of time turning his average 7 inch dick into a 9 inch monster dong using this pump! We got a kick out of it and said, "what the heck!" Next thing you know Kevin’s on set jerking and stroking and turning his dick into a dong. We had fun with it…you will too!
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Barry & Juan
Barry & Juan @
It’s happening more and more at No Way Am I Gay, and personally I love it! I think I told you a few weeks ago how hard it is to get models to actually show up, and this week was no exception. What a pain! So I double and triple book with the hopes that one guy shows up. Today, Barry answered my ad, and so did Juan, and I liked them both in the pre-screening interviews, so I booked them both…hoping that one would show. Guess what? Barry shows up first, and he’s totally straight, and then Juan walks in, and after a few moments of uncomfortable tension in the air, I strike a deal: Barry agrees to let Juan blow him. I explain to big-dicked Barry it’s "ok" to let a guy blow you, and it’s "not that gay", so he agrees. Juan’s about to lose his car insurance, so there ya go! Another hot straight-boy BJ scene in the can for No Way Am I Gay!
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Kyle Foxx
Kyle Foxx @
Kyle Foxx is super hot. I dunno if I’m attracted to his boy-ish good looks, his 6 foot slender frame, or his juicy cock. I think I’ll go for all three. He’s barely-legal, and he goes to a local community college. He likes to skateboard and play with his PSP. He also loves playing with his 8 inch dick, especially when there aren’t any women around. He’s quite the ladies’ man on campus, and according to Kyle’s pre-shot interview, "there’s nothing better that the taste of pussy." I asked him about the taste of another man’s cum, and that was a big mistake. He almost walked out of the studio for good. But he was broke, and broke boys do desperate things they sometimes come to regret, like jerking off for internet web sites, and tasting their own cum when it’s all said and done. Sure, we paid him more for it, but anytime we can get a straight guy to eat his own jizz, we consider it an investment…and a good one at that.
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3 Way JO to Suckoff!
3 Way JO to Suckoff! @
Ever wonder about the business of making dirty movies? Like, how do we find the guys, and how much they get paid, and where are the movies shot, and blah blah blah? Well, when I book models, I usually overbook, cause these guys often flake for their scenes. In fact, I usually get a 1 out of 10 show up rate for a scene. Imagine my surprise when ALL THREE of the dudes I booked actually showed! And while they were signing model releases, they were complaining about things like eviction and auto repossessions, so I thought, *what the fuck* and offered them A LOT MORE MONEY TO SUCK. A LOT. At first they were pissed. Then, Luke said something like "it’s a lot like sucking on a finger…no big deal." That’s when I knew I had it in the bag. So enjoy, gentlemen, as Luke, Max, and Alex’s JO session turns into a BJ session. A first for No Way Am I Gay!
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